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 Forum Rules

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PostSubject: Forum Rules   Forum Rules EmptyTue Jul 07, 2009 7:00 am

Every new member of agrees to abide by the following rules:

- Refrain from use of adult language. As with all forums, there are children who visit this page. If you must swear, keep it in a PG level and do not ever aim it towards other member.

- Do not Mod beg. Begging to become a moderator gets annoying extremely fast, and so does advertising your expertise on being one. If you would like to become one, please apply at the application center and we will get back to you.

- No double posting. Posting once to get your point across is enough. Please refrain from posting the same message over and over again.

- No racism, sexism, homophobia or similar discrimination. This will not be tolerated. We take things seriously and even joking around in such a manner can be taken as offensive.

- Do not flame other users inside the community. Flaming is abusing and being mean to another user for whatever reason is highly intolerble. If you have a problem with someone, ignore it. If the problem persists, PM a moderator! Arguing inside a thread will only lead to an argument within. If you see someone flaming/cursing a member, don't get involved, report it! Flaming can result in a ban.

- Do not post obscene or inappropriate images on these forums. If you see things like these, PM a moderator IMMEDIATELY and we will deal with handle it, do not try to handle it yourself. As for the offender, this will result in immediate ban. (This also means not to post links to websites that contain hentai/porn and what-not. This will be dealt with the same way.)

- Evading a ban by creating another account will lead to permanent ban from the forums While alternate accounts ARE permitted, we ask that you do NOT create more than one extra account. However, if you create a new one to avoid a ban, and/or use your permitted one to come back on before the ban is up, it will result in an IP ban.

- No impersonating another user by hacking into his/her account. No its, ands, or buts about it. This results in a ban if we find out what you are doing.

- No multiple Posting. This means posting a same thread in multiple sections. Don't do it.

- No Illegal content (e.g. copyrighted songs and videos; pirated software; ROMS; ISO's; cracks; images/porn; stolen identity information; etc) or links to information gaining illegal content is not permitted.

: The advertisement section (see the rules listed there), and youtube videos (must fall within forum rules)

Things you should always follow:

Before creating a thread, please make sure your topic is appropriate for that section.

Multiple accounts are not forbidden unless they are used to evade bans, but we ask that you not make more than one.

Please create threads with a meaning of a purpose, or else they will be closed.

Please respect both forum moderators and administrators, we do not have to be here or run this, nor do we have the time to be here 24/7. So please do your best to stay out of trouble, and respect the site staff when they are logged on.

Please try not to SHOUT. It honestly gets annoying to read an entire post written in Capitals.
Accidents is one thing but purposely doing over and over gets highly annoying.

Please beware about opinions. A member not thinking exactly the same as you does not mean you should argue with him/her over the subject. Opinions make us different from each other, and it might even be interesting to know what other people think. This is stressed greatly because, there are many sites where people think their way is only the right way, and that is in no way true. We only ask that you be open-minded.

Forum Drama is personal. If you have problems with each other, please keep it within PMs.

Finally if there are things you have problem with, or do not quite understand, please do not hesitate to PM a moderator or admin or someone who knows the rules very well, we are here to help.

Forum Rules 0aaanp5
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Forum Rules
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